7 Things To Consider For Your

Perfect Wedding Venue In Northern CA


Booking a wedding venue in Northern California can be a daunting task, but if you know what to look for, it doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.


Create a list of the ideal aspects from the following list, and you’ll have clarity while touring venues, and then ask direct questions and enjoy the excitement when you find the right fit!

Rustic wedding venue in northern california

1. Wedding Venue Space

Large enough for the big bash, intimate enough for a more exclusive affair. You want the space to feel just right for your party size.


With six different rooms and multiple floors to be rented out in various combinations, the Stone House offers the flexibility to create a setting that feels just right for your special day.

Cozy wedding venue in northern california

2. Wedding Venue Style

While you’ll likely want to add a few of your own touches and rely on the expertise of a fantastic florist, the inherent aesthetic of the venue will contribute significantly to your wedding style.


The Stone House is both a distinguished historical venue and a showcase for contemporary design and decor, perfect for charming vintage looks or modern flair.

all inclusive wedding packages northern california

3. Your Wedding Budget

Like it or not, most of us have a limit on what we can spend on our fairy-tale wedding. The Stone House is able to offer an all-encompassing luxury extravaganza, or a carefully curated array of amenities, built around your budget.


By providing all essentials in-house, we’re able to reduce the costs of middle-men and allow custom configurations built around your vision.

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4. All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Some venues come bare, some come stocked. The Stone House is certainly stocked: we’re thrilled to offer the finest farm-to-table catering in the county, dazzling craft cocktail service, timeless wood tables, classic stoneware, and a premier sound system and stage.


Let’s design a package that matches your vision, and we’re happy to help you find anything else that you might need to personalize the experience.

Kitchen Staff

5. A Supportive Wedding Staff

Do you feel a connection with your venue contact? Are they supporting you as you manifest your dream scenario, or are the vibes all wrong?


Take note of who is really listening to you, who will make you feel comfortable planning this auspicious event, and who you can trust to deliver on the most important of big days!


We pride ourselves on forming genuine connection with each couple, and cherish the opportunity to create lasting memories with our compassionate, consummate service.


Upkeep: You can tell a lot about the standards of a place by the cleanliness of the venue on any given day. Notice the bathrooms, the landscaping, the demeanor of the staff.


Picture how these presentation standards will match your own expectations for a beautiful venue and impeccable service.


Privacy and Access: While some vistas beg to be a wedding background, the reality is that permitting may not allow such a thing. There’s often onlookers and interlopers, and it might be a bit too challenging for all of your loved ones to climb that particular mountain.


We offer to bring nature to you, sharing your vows beneath the towering pines on our patio, or sheltered by the hand-cut granite boulders that comprise our walls.


If you’re looking for full use of a gorgeous location, the Stone House can provide that sense of magical belonging amidst beauty vast and inspiring.



Don’t proceed blindly into such a key aspect of your wedding - create a clear plan of which characteristics you’re looking for, and then get ready to be enchanted by the venue of your dreams!


The Stone House is a premiere destination location for weddings big and small - with its inviting history and contemporary elegance, it will thrill your guests and provide the perfect container for each momentous occasion.


Contact us today and get a 10% discount off your venue rental!


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